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Spring Days and School Outside!

These spring days have been heavenly! The weather is perfect, lilacs are blooming, birds are out and chirping around, butterflies are fluttering about, the days are wonderful right now.

We do school work year round but being motivated to sit inside and get schoolwork done during the day is not happening! This is fine because we can simply switch our schedules around and take advantage of the weather, and get out and soak up the sun!

Today we are headed to the park first thing instead of getting chores and school work done. We can do those things tonight. I am going to take a couple of the new Usborne books I just got in the mail with us so I can read them to the kids.

Very First Books of Things to Spot Out and About is an adorable little book. Between the little boys digging in the dirt and sliding down the slide, I’ll read it to them and we’ll see if we can spot anything from the book at the park. I’m also taking, How Flowers Grow. When all kids take a break from playing and are having a snack I am going to read this book and we can discuss all the pretty flowers popping up right now.

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Yesterday we did a lot of yard work and some gardening. Good science, P.E and math skills put to use! We had a bird rescue operation going on, too. A nest that was in our garage fell down and Vivi found it. She scooped up the baby birds, put them back in the nest and we put the nest up high. We aren’t sure if the mama has returned to feed them, but we have seen her flying in and out of the garage, so hopefully the babies will survive. A lesson about life for the kids.

I intend to do as many outdoor activities as we can for as long as we can! All the book work and online work can be done at night. I am thinking a nature scrapbook would be fun to put together and we need to do some serious birding. Garden tending and maybe some more flower planting sounds like a  good idea, too! All that and lots of good reading outside between frog catching, bird watching, soccer games, and picnics!

What are your plans for spring and summer with your kiddos?

*The links in this post are not affiliate links but links to my personal Usborne bookstore. You can find a lot of great nature and activity books to use right now in my store. I appreciate your support! 




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